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NAME: August Moreau
NICKNAMES: Gus, Augustus
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 163 lbs
YEAR: 4th

CLASS: demonic
LINE: conjuration

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- Adopted into a family of magic at the age of 10 from a group home, he doesn't remember much of his childhood before the adoption. His biological mother and father are completely out of the picture, and despite his name, he was born September 30th, 1996
- His family, which he rarely speaks of, lives in a large house on a hill in town. Wealthy and yearning for a child of their own, Coco & Noel Moreau were eager to adopt a child they could care for. They were well aware of his class, and coming from a long line of demonics, knew what they were getting themselves into.
- With their extensive library full of grimoires and the history of magic and monsters, August was never in the dark about who he was. Coco and Noel taught him everything they could before sending him away to BCR, including manners. Boy, were they strict.
- What they didn't expect was his ability to absorb any information with such precision and near perfection that he could copy anything he wanted, word for word, symbol for symbol, without looking twice. He keeps a journal of all of them. - Unfortunately, August took up a nasty habit of conjuring powerful spirits (and demons) at a young age. His room became a breeding ground for trouble and lingering dark energies.
- He has a lack of restraint when practising his ability. Once he starts, it's hard for him to stop, and he's had to be dragged away from a ritual more than once, kicking and screaming.
- Even though it's nearly impossible for him to forget a diagram or the ritual's directions, things do go bad from time to time. Not because he can't complete a ritual or defend himself properly, but because he developed a taste for self-destruction. He enjoys screwing up, essentially.
- Ever since he was a child, he's always been very cool and collected. He's friendly, patient, and enjoys listening to people talk, but there's definitely something a little off about him, a tip of the tongue sort of issue that no one can ever place. It takes a lot for him to be angry at anyone, but when it does happen, he will destroy you. It can be with a look, or maybe he's going to tear you limb from limb via words. It's a toss-up. He knows your weakness, so if blatant ignoring is the way to go, he'll do it.
- Thanks to that good old self destruction mess, he enjoys getting into fights. His knuckles are bruised and scraped occasionally and his face can be a bit messed up too. He thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline rush of fighting and being beaten up, but with all his experience in fights, he really knows how to mess someone up. Most of the time, he goes easy on the opponent.
- Blood gets him really excited, like 100% pupil dilation and heart hammering excited. Maybe it's because of that one time during his first year when he had a nasty run-in with a demon that marked him, and he was too stubborn to ask for help for too long. The mark, an unusual-looking symbol between his shoulder blades, is about the size of a fist. The scars are deep, but whatever it was had some style to it. At least it looks nice.
- He can deal with paper cuts just fine, but if someone is wounded, he won't be able to concentrate on stitching them up. His hands will shake, his face will be flushed and he'll have to hand the job over to someone else. He's not turned on because they're hurt, he's just really into the blood???
- Tends to go with the "this is fine" method. ( everything is on fire but it's fine ) so if something is really bad he'll put off getting help for as long as he has to; people usually have to go for him.
- avid reader/writer.
- He practices tarot in his spare time, which started at a young age. One day, his father slapped a deck of old cards in front of him to see what he could do with them, and lo and behold, August has a talent for reading tarot.
- Fluent in French and Latin (he has to be tbh)
- has an affinity for swing, doo-wop, and jazz. he definitely does blast it from his room and yes, that means other people have to put up with it, too.


- Still an alright guy, but he went deep into blood rituals and never went back.
- He rides a motorcycle & left town fairly quickly after graduation. He'll have kept in touch with a select few, but not very well.
- He can summon powerful demons and have them at his disposal, but at a price. Sometimes he's unconscious for days on end, sometimes he'll wake up in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes he'll have blood on his hands that isn't his.
- Definitely gained more muscle on his body. Better/stronger/faster/harder basically he don't fuck around
- Really loves those leather jackets, man.
imma edit this more laterrrr
August is able to invoke malevolent spirits/demons using incantations, charms, and circles in order to borrow their powers or have a chat. This is not a Fun Time for anyone though, because it can lead to being possessed or attacked if no one is careful (don't remind him of the time he summoned Cerberus, just don't).

Just as he's able to conjure, he's able to banish them, too. Sometimes ending a ritual isn't enough to make spirits disappear. It can be much more difficult to banish than to summon, because most of the time, demons don't really want to go back from where they came from. Thankfully, he has more skill with exorcising demons than he does banishing them. Go figure.

He lets powerful demons temporarily take hold of his body in order to commit pretty nasty acts in return for the use of their powers, which can include but is not limited to: invisibility, corruption, boosted strength & stamina, loss of conscience, etc. The more powerful the demon, the longer they take hold of his body.

He can conjure three at a time, all large and menacing and bloodthirsty. During this time (fourth year) conjuring them is fucking hard and getting rid of them results in a very bad time.

Not only can August make a hell of a blood circle, he can also make one for someone else, so long as they're willing. The rituals are never pretty, unless you're into animal sacrifice and occultist actions. He won't bestow any powers on anyone unless they're experienced and give him something of equal value in return. If there's a mistake, everything is fucked, basically.

Self-explanatory. It means he can manipulate the fires of hell, destroy everything in his path and potentially ruin an evil spirit's day. It also makes him fireproof, and always warm.

not a power, more like a quirk. he can memorize and copy anything he's seen.

(TYL August): For anyone sensitive to auras or energies that other people may give off, August carries a heavy darkness around him thanks to demonic influence. If he's ever in one place for too long that hasn't been cleansed regularly, the room, or house, will begin to feel heavy. Even people who aren't usually susceptible to energies will start to notice something is a little off, or uncomfortable, if they're in the same room as he is for too long. It's not something that he does on purpose, and he couldn't stop it if he tried. In his earlier years, it's much less noticeable and light.

he smells like fire's smoke and blood, so anyone sensitive to scents will have a healthy dose of it if standing too close. It's not a bad smell, it's literally like he just walked away from a fire pit, except add some metallic smell as an afterthought and you have August.