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( notes under his door, visits, messages, etc )
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[ Written on half a tissue paper, lobbed at you via candy wrapper: ]

sneaking out 2nite 10pm. u in?
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[ it was a rush job ok he had to use what paper was at hand. ]

cool w/ me. bring clothes, tris found a rave.
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xoxo motherfucker we r doin it
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[ And true to form: Marco's waiting along the wall ringing the school grounds. There's a path on the other side that leads directly to town; Tris is already waiting on the other side. ]

Dude, hurry up.

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Even Satan can't resist.
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Def gonna summon SOMETHING awful with this.
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No one can resist a perfectly constructed oreo tower made of the entrails of a package of helpless peasants.
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[ Satan loves oreos, it's a well-known fact.

Or is it just a rumor.

Or urban legend.

We just don't know. ]



Unless you want some, I can share w/e not a big deal.

They're Marco's so I have to destroy the evidence before he finds out they're gone anyways.
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i will touch his top level tmr ... | before the hunt.

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please be careful.
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i'll wait. i can't do anything else but wait.

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for the love of fuck, please tell me you can read runes.
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the less about you know about it the better. if you can translate something for me and keep quiet about it afterwards, there's some good money in it for you.
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what do you want?

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I'm late but I love you

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( his phone buzzes - not a text, a picture. a series of pictures. a black string bikini draped on the end of a bed. a restaurant menu on a hotel room vanity. a fireplace and a bottle of whiskey.

a question mark drawn on her belly in lipstick. all good ideas, right? )